DIY Guitar Instrument



Introduction: DIY Guitar Instrument

This is an amazing creative way to make music. Me and my group created a guitar out of recycled materials. This is perfect for a fun summer project or just something to do! I hope you get creative enough to do our project.

Screw Eyes 10 (5 on each side), Fishing-Line, Board with hole/Board length:2 2in width: 1 2in, PVC Pipe, Coffee Can

Scissors, Hammer, Pliers, Screw Driver, Hot Glue Gun, Saw

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Step 1: Step 1: Making Your Holes

Make holes to put screw eyes in with a hammer and chisel. This will make it easier to put in the crew eyes.

Step 2: Step 2: Screw in Screw Eyes

Use a pliers to screw in screw eyes. Using a pliers is an option but it is a lot easier.

Step 3:

Step 4: Step 3: Making Your "Guitar String"

Tie fishing-line tightly to each screw eye. And connect them with slack on the other side. (So you can tune the string.) You may use other types of string but we found that fishing line worked the best.

Step 5: Step 4: Making Your Sound Better

Hot glue PVC pipe by the bottom screw eyes for tuning. You may use other methods you have that are more sturdy.

Step 6: Step 5: Tuning Your Instrument

Tune all of the fishing-line/string with a tuner you have or look for an online tuner. Here is a link for the online tuner we used:

Step 7: Step 6: the Final Step

Hot Glue your coffee can to the hole so you can have better sound. And add another board and the back to stable the original board.

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