DIY Guitar: Metal Omar Cigarette Box Guitar



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So a couple of years ago, we set out to learn how to make our own cigar box guitar and share that process via a tutorial series shown here:  We decided the next thing to create would be a metal body cigar box guitar and so in this series, we will be using the following:
  • Omar Cigarette brand metal tin box from the late 1920s (we've changed nothing about the coloring on the box)
  • Black palm wood stock for the head and body
  • Hand-made and hand-wound guitar amplifier from Bob Harrison's guitar amplifiers
  • Hand-made tailpiece from aluminum stock
  • Hand-made bridge from scrap pieces of layered wood
  • Nickel frets (new process for us!) installed by hand
  • Guitar tuners
We hope you enjoy the series, and enjoy the making of this instrument as much as we have!



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