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Introduction: DIY Guitar

My instrument is the guitar it is a fun,easy and cheap way to make an enjoyable and easy to use guitar. I made this guitar as a science project and soon, you will be using it too!

Step 1: Materials

You Will Need...

  • Saw
  • 12 Screw Eyes
  • 47x36 inch wood
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Fish line
  • Ziplock container

Step 2: Cutting and Measuring Hole

You will need to cut a hole in your wood, using your ziplock container to measure.Then start screwing your screw eyes on on each side of your hole for your strings. Your screw eyes need to be at least 1 inch apart.

Step 3: Strings

Tie strings on to your screw eyes and tie them really tight! Then you need to make sure they stay while you are playing them. You will cut 6 pieces of fishline at least 1ʻand6ʻʻ long

Step 4: PVC Pipes

Then add 2 (4and1/2 inch long) PVC pipes two and a half inches away from the screw eyes(under the strings).

(Click on pic to see the whole step).

Step 5: Tuning and Personalizing

Then tune & Personalize your guitar and your done!

Also you can cut your board into your own little shapes if you want to too!

Step 6: Video

This is the instrument in action!

Have fun!

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    3 years ago

    Cool h23mogros


    3 years ago

    Nice job h23mogros

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    This is really interesting. Do you have any video of it in action?