DIY Guitar/Bass Pedalboard




Introduction: DIY Guitar/Bass Pedalboard

Wanted to share my experience building a pedalboard.   I had all materials
with the exception of bike chain and staples.

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Step 1: Board

I found this table leaf at a thrift shop fro $4.00.   I used my circular saw and cut it the size I wanted. 
Notice the strip of wood that lifts the pedalboard off the ground: That was where I wanted to somehow 
put the electrical strip and extra wiring.  

Step 2: Cutting Access Holes

In order to run wiring underneath, I needed to cut holes in the board.  The holes are situated 
after I test fitted my pedals.  

Step 3: Bike Chain

I went to Wal-Mart and bought this bike chain for $10.  

Step 4: Links for Pedals

Using a grinder, break apart chain.  I wanted to use links to mate the pedals to the 

Step 5: Links on Pedals

Remove screws on each corner of each effect box. 

Step 6: Wiring Underneath

Went to Home Depot and bought staples that you use a hammer to install. 

Step 7: Finished Product

Took me couple hours and saved some cash too!  I'm happy with the finished product. 

Step 8: Finished Product - Side View

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Very industrials design. How did you decide to use a bike chain?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Musicalgenius! Yes, I tried Velcro and it did work but the wires
    from my tuner, looping station, a recently added vocal harmonizer
    and the electrical hook-ups started bothering me with all the mess.
    Now, everything's under the board and out of sight.
    Peace to ya...