Hey all you Harry Potter lovers!

Here is a simple way to make a Harry Potter Wand.

This is the first Instructable I've ever done, so tell me if you have any problems. Just let me know.

I hope you guys like it. Please send some photos!


Step 1: Materials

* paper

* scissors

* tape

* clay

* images of Harry Potter’s Wand

* brown and black acrylic paint

* big and small paint brush

Step 2: Making the Wand

Role the paper from corner to corner (shown in the picture).

Take the tape and tape the corner that is still lose.

Take the scissors and cut the bottom and the top (shown in the picture).

Step 3: Stuffing the Wand

Take some clay off the big chunk of clay then take a tiny piece of clay and role into a small ball.

Stuff the clay into the base of the wand and use your small paint brush to force the clay down into the wand, then repeat.

Now take some clay and roll into a tiny ball and stuff into the top.

Step 4: Making the Base of the Wand

Now is the time to use the images of Harry’s wand.

Put some clay on the base and start forming the base of the wand.

If you like, use your scissors to make it look more wood-like.

Step 5: Making the Middle Part of the Wand

Use your images to make this part, too.

To make a clean cut on the raised part of the wand, use your scissors.

Step 6: Painting the Wand

After the clay hardens a bit, it is time to paint.

Paint the top and middle part brown.

Finally, paint the base black.

And there you go!

You have your very own Harry Potter Wand!



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    2 years ago

    that is amazing and I definitely want to try it myself!!!!!

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    I like the idea of using clay to add texture to your wand. Great job!