Hey guys! Today I’m showing you how to make these adorable hatchimal plushies, using cheap materials, so if you’re on a budget like me...you can still have your own hatchimal! Like I said in the tutorial, the eyes would’ve turned out clearer if I used resin, but I wanted to try something cheaper and easier to apply than resin, so this project would be more fun and accessible! Also, if you do use Glass Stain like I did, only put 2 to 3 coats, because I think mine became blurrier because of the multiple layers I applied...Here is the link to the PDF of the pattern I made for you! https://www.dropbox.com/s/dn47ge7wqn3...Here are the materials you will need:-2 fuzzy socks of any color you like-a large plastic egg (I bought mine at the dollar store)-Felt-Glue gun-Fabric Scissors-Needle and thread-Tacky Glue-Glass Stain-3D paint -Acrylic paint-A bit of polymer clay and aluminium foil-Cotton wool-And a print out of the patterns sheet I made just for you !

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