DIY Hair Accessories

Introduction: DIY Hair Accessories

Is your hair just plain boring? Add some fun with these DIY Hair Accessories!

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Step 1: Supplies

Supplies you'll need:

-Hot Glue Gun(with glue inside)
-Bobby Pin(s)

-Hot Glue Gun (with glue inside)
-Bobby Pin
-Fake Flower

Step 2: Making the Bow Accessories

The first hair accessory we will make is the bow. Begin by plugging in your hot glue gun so it will heat up. Be sure to put the hot glue gun on an old piece of wood, we don't want to ruin furniture.
Start with a square of felt and a strip of felt like in the picture above.
With your square of felt, fold it up into a bow shape and hold the middle with your fingers.
Glue it in place so it is like a bow, then glue the strip of felt around the middle.
Now we have to add our bobby pin. Slide the pin through the back of the bow. (under the strip of felt we just glued around the middle.)
To keep the bobby pin in place, simply glue the end round end down to the bow. (The end of the bobby pin that is rounded.)

Now make as many as you'd like! I made 2 big bows, and 2 tiny bows.

Step 3: Making the Flower Accessories

Making the flower hair accessory is very simple, fun, easy, and quick to do!
To begin, make sure your hot glue gun is plugged in and ready to use, and its put on a old piece of wood.
Start by cutting a fake flower off it's fake stem. Grab your bobby pin and use the hot glue gun on the end of the bobby pin. Put a tiny blob of the glue on the end of the bobby pin. While the glue is still sticky, quickly put the flower on top, and be sure to hold it there until the glue dries. Thats it! Just simply slide it in your hair for a cool touch to your hair style.

I made white flower accessories, and the pink ones I showed in this instructable.

Ta-Da! You're done, have fun!

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