DIY Halloween Creepy Jars





Introduction: DIY Halloween Creepy Jars

Make your own creepy halloween jars for under $7!! Simply steps with cheap items!

Step 1: Buy Jars

I bought all my jars from Salvation Army. Almost all my jars were around .50 cents- you can choose any type of jars you like. It doesn't matter the size or shape.

Step 2: Buy Dish Liquid and Cheap Creepy Crawlers

I bought both the dish liquid and the bugs from the dollar store for around $4.

Step 3: Insert Bugs

I simple packed the bugs into the jars and used the end of a paintbrush to move them were I wanted them to be

Step 4: Add Dish Liquid

Slowly pour dish liquid into jars- do this slowly because it causes less air bubbles to be trapped. After feeling jars , let them sit for about 45 minutes almost all the air bubbles will remove themself.

Step 5: Add a Stopper/ Topper

My bottles didnt come with a stopper so I made my own, I burnt a red candle and let the wax feel it up as much as I wanted - let wax dry completely and your done!!!



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    No it sits on top of the dish liquid it won't mix - thanks :)

    You guys have good ideas! Thanks

    You can make colored water that glows under UV using a highlighter pen. Break it open and soak the sponge that you find in water. I use this in the Haunted House I set up for the school fete by creating a creepy laboratory. Replace the classroom fluorescent tubes with UV tubes and your set...

    Begradoo had a great idea by using colored water so you can have diff. colors & it's cheaper. KaydeeKrunk had a great idea of using those eye balls that are sticky & baby doll body parts all from the dollar store! This is a great Instructable and I am going to use it at home & at the camp grounds where they have contests. Love this!! Vote for this one!!!!

    Thanks guys. Great ideas

    Another creepy things to put in them are those sticky gooey eyeballs that you can get at the dollar store, and doll body parts are also good and creepy.


    4 years ago

    U could also use vegetable oil. It's a good instructable.

    neat! And super simple. You could also try using colored water and some of the "incredible growing" creepy crawlies.