DIY Halloween Spooky Lights

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Here's A Incredibly simple project for anybody wanting some Halloween decor for a cheap price. I have made the eye's many different ways which are all described in this instructables project.

Here are the ways listed:

1) The Tea Light Eye, this is the easiest way to make the lights starting in Step 1 and continuing in 7 and 8

2) The Light Strip, this is a fairly easy way to make them to and you don't need to worry about battery's, this starts at step 4 and can be continued in 7 and 8 too

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Step 1: The Tea Light Eyes - Materials

The materials are simple and you probably already have them at home they are as listed:

1) Black Paper

2) Sissors

3) Plastic Easter eggs

4) any type of glue (i used hot glue but any type will work)

5)Tea Light

6) [Optional] Hole Punch and a Permanent Marker

Step 2: The Tea Lights - the Build - Part 1

Make two small dots (this is what the hole punch could be used for) in the black paper glue each one in the shorter side of the egg (the shorter side is measured by the distance from the opening point) as shown in the pictures. then make a larger circle and cut it out in a square (leave excess on each side), cut it out of the center then cut around it to make a ring. This needs to fit inside the egg as shown in the pictures. Once sized down glue the paper inside.

Step 3: The Tea Lights - the Build - Part 2

Glue a straw to the two eggs. Then insert the light and watch as your light comes to life!!

Optional Steps Include Steps 7 and 8

Step 4: The Light Strip Eyes - the Materials

A lot of the materials are the same and are listed below:

1) Black Paper

2) Scissors

3) Light Strip

4) Drill

5) Glue (I used hot glue but you can use any kind you would like)

6) [Optional] Hole Punch

Step 5: The Light Strip Eyes - the Build

Drill a hole in the top the light fits snugly into then glue it to the light strip connect the two with a straw then power it on.

Step 6: The Light Strip Eyes - Finished

They Look Pretty Awesome!!

Step 7: Detail

I added some veins to make the eyes look more realistic, it worked great!!!

Step 8: Hang Them

To Hang Them I added a pipe cleaner through the straws

Step 9: Adore Your Creation

I put some of mine outside on a bush to add some spook to my house

Step 10: Vote

You know these eyes are awesome so help them find their human by voting for me in the Halloween decor contest!!



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