DIY Handmade Lipstick/Lip Tint Using Lip Safe Mica

Introduction: DIY Handmade Lipstick/Lip Tint Using Lip Safe Mica

About: I'm a professional soap maker with a taste for the unusual with an alchemical twist. I'm a gamer, and I also love to knit on my loom or by hand. I am also a mommy and wife, and try to be a champion to my you...

I'm a professional soap maker by trade, but playing with pretty micas day in and day out made me want to do other things with them. The obvious next step would be to make handmade makeup. I use the same premium ingredients that I use to make my handmade artisan soaps like quality oils and butters, and of course mica colorants.

I see so many video tutorials that use food and non-cosmetic tools such as crayons for DIYers. That makes me cringe! Unless a colorant or fragrance is SPECIFICALLY for or safe for cosmetic use, then don't use it! With that being said, I highly recommend Wholesale Supplies Plus as your one stop shop for quality supplies for making makeup, or other products that will go on your body. There are many other quality wholesale companies as well on the web, just do some research. The company listed above has specific usage rates for their micas and lists them as whether they are eye or lip safe which is important. Other ingredients like oils can be found locally in your grocery stores like olive, sunflower, etc. Castor oil can be found usually in pharmacy departments, cocoa butter can usually be found at The Dollar Tree, just make sure nothing else is added.

So enough of my blabbing, click my You Tube video above to watch as I make some pretty pink lipstick I call Wild Child using mica by Rainbow Micas!

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    4 years ago

    Great video! Thanks for sharing these instructions. Welcome to instructables! :)