DIY Hanging Glass Succulent Garden

Introduction: DIY Hanging Glass Succulent Garden

I made this planter by repurposing some things I had lying around the house. I like the look of the glass ceiling lamp shade and it has a hole in the bottom which makes it easy to add the hanger and provides drainage. You could use the same idea to hang a garden pot.

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Step 1: Materials

I had these things lying around but they are easy to come by at the hardware store. I show two styles of clips, the carabiner and the swivel clasp. I used the swivel so the planter can rotate freely when the wind blows. I used a chain from an old planter (see step 4) that has clips on the ends which made it easy to attach to the swivel clip.

Materials List

  • Glass Ceiling Lamp Shade with hole in the bottom
  • Heavy Duty Eye Bolt with Nut and an additional nut and washer that fit the eye bolt
    NOTE:The size of the eye bolt will depend on the size of the lamp shade.The lamp shade shown here is about 6" deep and 9.5" across. The eye bolt is about 8" so it is long enough to go through the bottom of the planter and stick up out of the dirt when the planter is filled.
  • Clip such as a swivel clasp or carabiner
  • Chain (see step 4) or some other means to hang it
  • Dirt
  • Plants

Step 2: Add the Hanger

Screw one nut on the eye bolt and insert the eye bolt from inside the glass lamp shade to the outside. Put the washer on the bolt on the outside and then screw the second nut onto the bolt until the glass is firmly sandwiched between the washer and the interior nut. I used the washer to distribute the stress on the glass.

Step 3: Plant

Fill the lamp shade about half full with good potting soil and add plants. Fill in any gaps to within about 1/2" below the edge of the glass. You want to leave room so the water won't immediately overflow when it is watered. I found it helpful to balance the planter on a pot while I did this. I filled it pretty full because I wanted instant results and I have a lot of succulents available in my yard.

Step 4: Hang It Up!

Clip the carabiner or swivel clasp to the eye screw. Attach the chain. I used a chain from an old hanging planter and gave it a quick spray paint to cover some of the rust. I used a chain because I was concerned about the weight of the planter. It has been in the garden for about four months now and looks good!

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This turned out really cute! Great idea turning a lamp shade into a planter.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! As I said I had the stuff laying around. Now that I've done it once, I want to try it with a terra cotta pot. I think that would look good too. I have to see if I have any more of the eye bolts. :)