DIY Harambe Cookie Cutter




I am sure that everyone has heard about the tragedy that happened to Harambe the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. There is no one to solely blame for this horrible incident, but if you want to do something good for this species you can make a 3D printed Harambe cookie cutter for yourself and your friends. I made the cookie cutter after the accident with the intention of organizing a bake sale for my neighbors, friends and colleagues.
What you need to make this special cookie:

Go to my virtual store:

3D print the model



Step 1: 3D Printing Model

Place an order at my store. Make the model using your own 3D printer or one from Treatstocks 3D printing network. Here is a brief set of instructions on how to use site.

Step 2: Baking Process

Prepare the dough, roll it out and use the Harambe cookie cutter to make the cuts.

Step 3: Best Part

You can do the same as I have and organize a bake sale for your neighbors, friends and colleagues. There are too many animals that are at the edge of extinction because of human activity, so let's do something good! Check out other models from my store



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    don't with 3D printing you can design any shape you want