DIY Harry Potter Golden Snitch Page Marker

Introduction: DIY Harry Potter Golden Snitch Page Marker

Inspired by Harry Potter ring-

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Step 1: Materials

For this DIY you will need cake wire, or jewelry wire, flat nosed and/or bottle nosed pliers, and gold beads

Step 2: Straighten the Wire

Take the flat nosed or bottle nosed pliers (flat nosed pliers recommended) and straighten the wire (if needed, my wires were slightly curled at the end)

Step 3: Making the Snitch

Put the gold bead on the middle of the wire and make a "V" shape with the wire and the bead in the middle (tip: you can use the pliers to help bend the wire up)

Step 4: Make the Wings

To make the wings leave a little wire at the top and use the pliers to bend the wire into an "M" shape with the bead in the middle.

Step 5: Finishing the Wings

Bend the wire one more time using the pliers to make the last part of the wings. Then tuck the ends of the wire through the bead and make sure they are pointing straight back. This will allow the page marker to stay in the book when it's closed.

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