DIY Harry Potter Sorting Hat With Modelling Clay



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Hi! Wellcome to Do It Like A Boss! Today we're gonna try to make sorting hat using by clay!

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Step 1: Give a Witch Hat Shape to Clay

Get your clay and try to give a witch hat shape. I used sculping pens and they really help with shaping.

I must say guys I didn't study fine arts or something else. I studied programming and this is the very first time that I'm using clay or giving a shape to something like this. That was really hard to do for me. I really donno what to do. I just played arround like fool, you know. This is all for you guys! But I guess I did really good job for the first time, huh?

This is air hardening clay so, let it dry!

Step 2: Coloring Clay

After it hardened, get your arcylic paint and brush. Start to paint it to dark brown all over. Paint the hollows with black but don't worrie you can smooth it with dark brown again if you want.

Step 3: Please! I Want Gryffindor!

This really looks awesome! Oh wait! What did you say sorting hat? Please, no slytherin, no slytherin!

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