DIY Head Harness (+Ankle Harness)




A head harness is a strap for the head. It might look like an S&M accessory but bear with me.

It is a great way to exercise and strengthen your neck muscles. Let's make one!

Step 1: Materials and Tools Needed

For this build you will need :

  • heavy duty nylon strap
  • some velcro tape
  • some nylon thread
  • a needle
  • 2 heavy duty carabiners
  • chain (2 x 4 cm each link)
  • a hacksaw
  • a utility knife
  • a lighter

The nylon strap has thickness 3 mm and width 5 cm.

I used self adhesive velcro tape but I chose to secure it further with nylon thread for extra security.

Step 2: Assembly

Take a look at the measurements in the above pictures. I have included them as notes.

Using the needle and the nylon thread you have to fasten the velcro tape pieces at the correct places.

Use a "boxed rectangle" pattern.

Don't forget to loop the strap to the carabiners.

Cut all the pieces with your utility knife.

It is a good practice to melt the edges of the strap with the lighter after you cut it so they don't unravel.

Step 3: Add the Chain

Cut 80 cm of chain with your hacksaw.

Fasten the last chain ring to the carabiner.

Attach the headband piece to the other piece.

Step 4: Finished! (+ Extra Ankle Harness)

Congratulations for your new head harness!

You can search the web for exercises with your new equipment.

In the same fashion I constructed an ankle harness.

As previously, the measurements are noted once you click the photo. The length of the strap used was 55 cm.



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    1 year ago

    sorry but i did it just like the instructable, and doesn't work , the weigh just pull to the sides y the band in the head pulls to the sides, the velcro doesn't work fine