DIY Headphones, Beats by Eric and Christopher

Introduction: DIY Headphones, Beats by Eric and Christopher

Hello and welcome to my first intractable is about how to build some DIY Headphones Hope you enjoy. Now for some Science. In order for headphones to function you need at least three things. One a Diaphragm Two a Magnet and Three a coil. The sound is generated when the magnet or coil starts to vibrate. Creating frequency's which are amplified by the diaphragm. This causes the sounds to be hearable and allows it to create sound.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

These are some of the materials you will need you will also need 2 more magnets One more cup some tissues along with two rubber bands. The Final Item is any Headband that fits well around your head preferably slightly large.

Step 2: First Create Your Coils

Take a glue stick and put a sticky note around it then tape it down. Then wrap 50 coils around it so that it looks like the final video.

Step 3: Finish Coils

Follow me step by step in the video above to get the best and nicest coils.

Step 4: What the Coils Should Look Like

This video shows what the coils should look like if they do not look like this please redo them as this will drastically effect the sound quality.

Step 5: Magnets

First you want to take two of your magnets and Put them on both sides of the cup so that one is outside and one is inside this should be on the bottom of the cup. Do this for both cups.

Step 6: Placing the Coils

Take the coils and put them over the magnets the magnet should fit in the middle of the coil. Do this for both of the cups. The wire should go from one coil to the other as they are made of the same wire. The length should be a little longer than the distance from one of your ears over your head to the other.

Step 7: Keeping the Coils Down

You will probably notice that the coils keep falling of the cup. What you need to do is take some electrical tape and tape down the coil to the cup. But do not make the coils slanted as this will effect sound quality.

Step 8: The Tissues

Next you want to take a tissue and put it over the opening of the cup then keep it down with a rubber band. Then cut of the excess tissue paper but not so much that the tissues slip out.

Step 9: The Headband

Take the headband and poke one hole in each cup this should be very close to the tissue but not through the tissue. The Hole/slit should be horizontal to the opening of the cup. Tape down the headband so that it does not slide in and out of the hole.

Step 10: Head Crossing Wire .

Take the wire and run it over the headband so that it is tight if it isn't at the top twist the wire so that it gets shorter. Then tape the wire so that it stays on the headband.

Step 11: The Aux Connector

(Take the aux connector out of its protective cover)Take the two hanging wires attached to your coils (if they are too short I will explain how to fix that shortly.) and get a lighter. Take the lighter and burn about an inch of the wire from the very end. We do this to remove the insulation. Connect the wires to the two terminals on the Aux connector. One wire per connector. Wrap them through and around the two terminal holes. This connection needs to be strong or the sound quality will be horrible. If your wires were to short burn the ends of the wire and then get another two wires that are the selected length and burn both ends and connect them to the coil wires. Once connected take some tape and wrap the connection in order to strengthen the connection.

Step 12: Adding Insulation

Now that your headphones are essentially made take some of the electrical tape and run it horizontally along the wires connecting the Aux cable to the coil and wrap the tape around it. We do this in order to insulate the wire this insulation increases the quality of the sound.

Step 13: Playing Music and Troubleshooting

Next take the Aux connector and plug it into your phone. If it doesn't work here are some things you can try.

1. Make sure the aux connector is all the way into your phone

2. Make sure your phone is not on silent and is not on mute

3. The connection to the aux terminal might not be strong enough try running one of the cords up and make it touch the backdrop of the connector this should increase the quality of sound or make sure that there is sound.

4. make sure the wire over your head is very tight.

5. make sure the coils are over the magnet and are not slanted

6. Try looking in different directions as this makes the wires tighter on one side than the other.

7.Re-burn the insulation off the wire.

8. Finally the last step you can do is remake the coils

Step 14: What It Should Look Like.

If you still cant get it too work try using the First image you were shown as an example.

Step 15: Dont Worry If It Doesnt Work

Isaac Newton once said that he did not fail at making the light bulb, he just learned new ways for it not to work. I believe in you can do it just try again.

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