DIY Heart Glitter Bag

Introduction: DIY Heart Glitter Bag

This DIY is simple, it's pretty and it's custom made too! Firstly this are the materials you will need.


Fabric( I chose corduroy, but you choose any type you like)

Rope or a sturdy strap that will work to support the weight form your bag. (I think mine is nylon?)

Needle and thread or a sewing machine.

Measuring Tape





Glitter (any color you would like)

Hot Glue Gun or Paint to act as the adhesive for the glitter

Rose embellishments (OPTIONAL)

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Get your fabric and measure out 34 x 15 inches on the bad side of the fabric.But don't cut it just yet, measure out an extra inch or two for that extra inch will be sewn and your rope will go through there.


Now from the extra inches on both points that you have made, crease the fabric only on the "height" point with a clothing iron set to the right temperature and iron it to crease the fabric. So basically, you are creasing the "height" side of the fabric not the "width" side, as that will be sewn up later to close it up. At all times, the bad side of the fabric should be facing you.

Step 3: SEWING

Now on the creases you just made on the "height" side of the fabric, sew a straight stitch on both sides on the bad side of the fabric.

Step 4: THE ROPE

This part is a little confusing, but if you understand my instructions you should get the hang of it. After you have sewn up both of the "height" side of the fabric, you can continue with putting the rope through the holes of the "height" side you made.

Measure about 6 ft of rope or you can change it according to your height. Same goes with the fabric as some people have different body shapes. Okay, let's continue.

Take your rope and here's a tip. To thread the rope easily through the hole, wrap the end of your rope to a needle or something thin and long so that it is easy to go through the hole.

Take your rope, let it go through one hole first and then now on one side of the "height" side of the fabric you have both ropes sticking out at both sides on one side. Now with one of the rope's ends, let it go through the other "height" side of the fabric, because there are two "height" sides.

After threading that through, you have both ends of the rope coming out at both the holes from the same side from both of the "height" sides. Now take the rope's end and thread it through the other hole again.

(I told you this is confusing, take your time and read it. Even typing this seemed confusing.)


After that confusing rope and sewing the "height" side, you will now sew the "width" side.

Before you sew the width side, the rope's ends which are now coming out from both sides and from both holes( remember that the bad side is always facing you) Have you folded your fabric in half yet? You need to fold it in half to sew the width side. Use pins to hold it in place. Put both of the rope's end at the very bottom of the bag. (it should go inside the bag and then you adjust it for the end to stick out.) Sew the rope's ends to reinforce it as the weight will be supported only here. Once you've sewn the ropes ends to the bag using a straight stich, you can sew the width sde now. But only sew up to the width side and once you reach the part where the creased fabric is, stop there.


Now after sewing the width side, flip the bag inside out, so that now the good side of the fabric is facing you. Cut out a heart template or nay shape of your choice, use a marker or pen to outline it on on your fabric.

You can either use hot glue to adhere your glitter to the fabric or paint. I suggest paint as it is safer. After that you can just go crazy with your designing. Do it and design it however you please. If you want to you can add some embellishments such as roses, jewels, rhinestones and more to make it unique.

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    That's a great looking bag! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!