DIY Heart Shaped Valentine's Wreath

Introduction: DIY Heart Shaped Valentine's Wreath

This Instructable is on how to make a Valentine's Heart Shaped Wreath. It is very nice for indoors.

Step 1: Supplies

This is what you will need:

Pink, Red and Purple colored paper. Two of each.
Cardboard Cereal Box
Adhesive Roller or Glue Stick
Sharpie Marker

Optional: Glitter

Step 2: Drawing

Take your cardboard box and scissors and cut the box open, as shown above. First, use your sharpie marker and draw a big heart. Second, draw a smaller heart inside the bigger heart.

Step 3: Cutting the Heart

Cut out your heart shape like shown.

Step 4: Drawing Hearts

Put your heart shape aside and get your colored paper and pencil. Draw medium sized hearts with your pencil on the paper. Draw 15 hearts on the pink paper. Draw the same amount of hearts with your pencil on the purple and red colored paper.

Step 5: Glueing

Take all the hearts you cut out of the color paper and get your adhesive roller and cardboard heart shape. Use the adhesive roller to put the hearts on the cardboard heart. Cover the cardboard heart with your colored paper hearts, as seen below.  Make sure you get all the cardboard covered. The last picture below shows a little cardboard left over. Cover that up with your colored paper hearts.

Step 6: Glitter

Lastly, sprinkle some of the glitter on the heart. After you put a little glitter all over the heart, hang it up  and your finished! Enjoy your new home-made heart shaped wreath!

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