DIY Helicopter

To make this electrical helicopter you need to prepare.

-1 Plastic bottle.

-2 DC motor (5V).

-Glue, Glue gun.


-Drill machine.

-Switched Battery Box.

-Sterile sticks.

-Four straw to drink.

-Four electric fire.

-1 Buton auto on-off.

Good Luck!

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Step 1: Make the Cockpit (Front Part)

Step 2: Make and Install the Helicopter Rotor

Step 3: Make the Cockpit (Rear Part)

Step 4: Make the Helicopter Tail

Step 5: Make and Install the Tail Rotor

Step 6: Make the Helicopter Main Rotor

Step 7: Electronic Part

Step 8: Add Power Source

Step 9: Make Landing Skids

Step 10: The Helicopter Is Complete

Step 11: A Short Video With Our Working Project

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    Fun project. Could you add some more text descriptions for each step to make it easier to follow along with exactly what you did?