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Intro: DIY Hex Bomb's Slay Bath Bomb

Hi! Wellcome to Do It Like A Boss! Today we're gonna try to make Hex Bomb's Slay bath bomb!

Step 1: Prepare the White Bomb

Get a bowl and add quarter cup of citric asid, half cup of baking soda, quarter cup of corn starch and quarter cup of epsom salt. Blend them nicely.

Step 2: Liquid Ingredients

For the liquid ingredients, use spray bottle and fill in with one teaspoon of essential oil and one teaspoon of water. Shake it, spray it and mix it for the christmas slaaay!

Step 3: Prepare the Red Bomb

I used same step for once again but this time I add in red food dye. In this way, we have two mixture for this project.

Step 4: Give a Bomb Shape

Now, get your mold and add little silver glitter on the bottom. Surround mold's interior with white mixture. Fill in with red mixture middle. Do the same steps for the other half, close it and press it hard for give a bomb shape.

Step 5: Blow It!

Let blow the murderer's trace up!

Look it that! First snow melted and then blood flow...

Rise up honey, rise up! This is my second fav of hex bomb's bath bomb which I made! Say hi to new blood bath bomb but with christmas soul!



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    6 Discussions


    6 months ago on Step 5

    Thank you. That was to easy. Cant belive i bought them for 15$ :(


    1 year ago

    as much as I like the look. this most obviously shouldn't be truly bathed in... glitter would get into places it doesn't belong... and the red food coloring wouldn't be good for your skin. Fiberglass tubs may not appreciate it either.

    2 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    I agree, glitter and food coloring are horrible for bath bombs. Unless you find glitter that dissolves in water you'll quickly find out why bathing in it is a bad idea. As for food coloring it has little to no nutritional value and most are a stain. That means it is made to alter the color of anything on contact. A ceramic bath tub is made with stain resistant coating, but that doesn't mean it won't be discolored and anything without stain resistant coating will change color, like skin. YouTube is full of people not doing their research and buying or making things just like this and coming out of the tub in hilarious shades of inhuman colors.


    Food dye is everywhere like when you eat, when you plaay, when you wash your hand, etc. Yes maybe not useful for skin but there is no bad efection too. It is notr. But bath bombs job is make you relax, not clean. Sooo, take it as a fun time toy. :)