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Introduction: DIY Himmeli Geometric Wedding Decor

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Learn to make diamond Himmeli and a hexagon Himmeli candle holder using gold foil paper straws for wedding tables and decor - by Bird's Party

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Step 1: Create Square Base

For the diamond shaped Himmeli hanging decor you'll need 4 full sized straws (4 long straws) + 4 straws cut in half lengthwise (so you get 8 short straws).

Thread the wire through 4 pieces of shorter straws, then bend the wire to form a square base. Tie the ends together to close the square.

Step 2: Creating the Pyramid Base

Insert two more short straws into the long wire (leave the short wire loose until the end).

Step 3: Lengthening the Wire

If needed, tie extra wire to the end of the long wire to increase its length as shown in above, making sure to twist the two wires really well together. And don't worry, the wires will be hidden.

Step 4: First Pyramid Point

Bend the wire over the square to form a triangle shape, and loop a couple of times in one of the corners of the square base to secure it.

Step 5: Second Pyramid Point

Now pass the long wire inside one of the straws to the opposite corner, and insert two more short straws. Bend the wire over the first triangle and loop the wire a couple of times again in the middle and on the opposite corner of the square base.

Step 6: Making the Bottom

Insert a long straw into the long wire.

Step 7: Creating the Bottom Point - Part 1

Bend the wire over as shown and insert a second long straw. Loop in one of the square base corners to secure in place.

Step 8: Creating the Bottom Point - Part 2

Pass the wire through the top short straw, then insert a third long straw.

Step 9: Creating the Bottom Point - Part 3

Insert another long straw and bend over to the last corner of the square base. Loop the wire twice again to secure.

Step 10: Final Twist

Pass the remaining wire through the opposite straw to meet the short wire from step 1. Twist the wires together to close your geometric diamond shape. Cut the wires shorter and hide the ends back into one of the straws.

You can now use your shapes as decorative hanging decor, table backdrops, photo booth mobiles, plant holders etc.

Step 11: Himmeli Candle Holder Base

The goal here is to make a row of pentagons all around a hexagonal base, followed by a row of hexagons, then another row of pentagons with a last hexagon as the opening

You'll then need straws of the same length. It's up to you what length you choose, but for a small candle holder, I used 3 cm (1 inch) pieces and started with a hexagonal base.

Step 12: Making a Row of Pentagons - Part 1

Proceed as previous steps to create your shapes - insert wire through straws, bend, loop to secure in place, repeat... For the pentagon, use 4 wires and secure above the hexagonal base.

Step 13: Making a Row of Pentagons - Part 2

Close the wires by looping as before.

Step 14: Making a Row of Pentagons - Part 3

Continue to form a row of pentagons all around the side of hexagonal base.

Step 15: Making a Row of Hexagons - Part 1

Now proceed to make a row of hexagons above the first row of pentagons.

Step 16: Making a Row of Hexagons - Part 2

Continue to form a row of hexagons all around.

Step 17: Making a Second Row of Pentagons

Now finish with a row of pentagons above the hexagon row. You'll need only 3 straw pieces for each.

Step 18: Making a the Hexagon Opening

Finish with a hexagon as the opening of the candle holder.

PS - Since we're using paper straws (which can be flammable) I suggest you use this piece with an LED candle or flameless candles only. It would also be super cute as decorative object or as a small bud vase for table flowers!

Step 19:

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