DIY Hobo Stove - the (Spaghetti Sauce Can) Cookstove




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in this instructable i'll show you how to build a simple camp stove out of a single metal can

Step 1: Watch Instructional Video...

Step 2: Read Description...

This DIY Hobostove (campstove) is made using an old del monte spaghetti sauce can. very easy to make. no power tools needed. complete simple instructions (w/cooking footage). fueled by twigs, sticks and leaves. these tin/steel can "twig stoves" are great for camping/SHTF/emergency or everyday use and are essentially free to make as they're made from leftover food cans.

Step 3: Items Needed...

1.) one metal can (in this case a del monte spaghetti sauce can)

2.) tools needed: tin snips and a juice can opener (the kind with the pointed end), pliers optional

Step 4: Quick Build...

to make the top (the burner grate - and upper air inlets) you'll make 8 cuts in the can. using tin snip make two cuts in the can separated by about an inch or an inch an a half. then make two identical cuts on the can across from those cuts. then turn the can a quarter turn and do the same thing again.

Step 5: Now Just Bend Down the Tabs...

that will leave you with the 4 tabs that you will bend down. see pics above. the pan will be placed where you see my hand laying.

Step 6: Now Add the Air Inlets at the Bottom...

using the juice can opener, i made 8 holes (evenly spaced) near the bottom of the can (one under each of the tabs/posts (more or less)).

Step 7: Now Fire It Up...

now just drop in some sticks, leaves and or twigs and light it. stove has good air circulation and burns strong.

Step 8: Here's a Few Pics of Some Other Ones I've Made...

i'll make instructables on each individual one of them...soon. (if you look closely at the above 3 pics you can probably figure out the cuts). finally, if you're really into these stoves, i've included a video (in the last step) that shows me building (and cooking on) all 7 of these stoves ... one after the other. (note: it's 24 mins long, so about 3 mins per stove)

Step 9: And If You're REALLY Into These Stoves...

this is an extended video that shows 7 full builds of 7 unique metal can stoves



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    1 year ago

    These stoves are great. I like that it takes only 2-3 tools to make each one. Thank you for this Instructable.