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This is a simple, affordable festive wreath that can be a nice holiday project to do with the kids (or the cat). :) After Christmas last year, I bought the wreath and a bunch of other little decorative attachments and things. After Christmas deals are great - and you can get things between 50-90% off. So this year, I decided to do something with those materials and make a pretty wreath. This Instructable can help give you some ideas and inspiration hopefully!

Materials Needed
I bought all my materials at Joann Fabric. Most stores have after Christmas sales with huge markdowns. is already selling their Christmas supplies at 75% off. I bought the materials in the Christmas Seasonal Floral area of the store. I bought some red and white berry garland, glitter red poinsettias, ribbon, wire and other silver pieces and leaves. The wire I used was bracelet-making wire that I had on-hand. It was great because it happened to be green - but any type of thin, pliable wire will work well.

Key Points
Take out your materials and pick out your favorite decorative pieces. Pull the wreath apart so the leaves can spread out and lay it out the way you want it or like how it looks. Then play around with the layout of some of your decorations to see how they look and if you like the placement. I think it's important to create movement by first placing some things in a way that draws the attention around the wreath - which is what I did to draw attention to the red glitter flowers. Just make it flow and put things the way you like them - and secure them with the wire.

Finish it off with a nice ribbon bow and you're done! :) My cat especially loved it - and enjoyed sitting on it before I hung it up on the door!
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