DIY Home Decoration: How to Make Quilled Shell Wall Decor




Introduction: DIY Home Decoration: How to Make Quilled Shell Wall Decor

About: I am a passionate crafter from India. Making unique DIY crafts using recycled materials is my hobby and I love to share my knowledge with the world.

Quilled shell wall decor is a unique and an interesting idea that came to mind, when I was thinking of ideas for my DIY Home Decoration Project. Transforming a mundane room into a vibrant living space can be very easily done, if you watch this complete step by step tutorial on how to make a Quilled Shell Wall Decor.

Quilling art is an ancient paper art that finds it roots in the renaissance period. From greetings cards, to gift wrappings to home decoration ideas like wall decor and wall hangings, with the help of a few colorful quilling strips you can use your imagine and explore options galore.

Come let's make this Quilled Shell Wall Decor Idea together.

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Step 1: Material Required to Make Quilled Shell Wall Decor.

The Material Required to make the Quilled Shell Wall Decor are absolutely basic supplies that are present in your Quilling box!

Color paper


Quilling Needle

Colorful Strips

Decorative Stones

Step 2: Create the Base of Your Craft.

Take a colored paper and draw the outline of your shell.

Paste and join 3 strips in red, yellow and blue colors each, respectively.

Make a closed tight coil and paste the end.

Take a blue color strip and cut according to the size of the whorl of the shell. Paste these strips vertically.

Take one half of a yellow strip and make a petal shaped coil with it. Paste it in the gaps in the whorl.

Step 3: Make Tight Coils and S-scroll Coils.

To make tight coils divide a quilling strip in 5 equal parts.

Paste and join red and yellow strips and blue and yellow strips.

Paste and arrange the tight coils to form a design on the border of the shell.

To make the s-scroll coils you need to cut and divide a quilling strip into 12 equal parts.

Make Multiple S-scrolls with these cut outs.

Decorate the whorl of the Shell with these s-scroll quills.

Decorate the apex of the shell with a loose blue coil.

Step 4: Build Your Craft!

Take yellow and Blue quilling strips and make petal shaped coils.

Paste them on the boundary of the coil.

Take the multicolored coils and paste them in the space inside the shell.

Paste vertically the strips inside the body of the shell along with multicolored Coils.

Arrange the small tight coils inside the shell in between the vertically placed strips.

Paste the remaining s-Scrolls in the space remaining in the body of the shell.

Step 5: Your Colorful Craft Is Ready!

Look at you extremely colorful creation! This beautiful Quilled Shell Wall Decor is something that you can undoubtedly use as a part of your best DIY Projects and also for a totally revamped look to your home decor.Invest your leisure time by creating beautiful DIY Quilling art projects that not only help you develop your creativity but also provide you some amazing home decoration ideas.

Watch the complete tutorial on how to make the Quilled Shell Wall Decor and give your home a new look!

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    3 years ago

    Hello Ananvita,

    Beautiful tutorial and the beautiful final product. I will definitely give it a try tough I doubt I will have enough patience to see it through ;)