DIY Home Money Safes

Introduction: DIY Home Money Safes

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Money safes in your home you never knew about.

Step 1: Pen Safe

Get any common pen and take it apart. Wrap your money tightly around the ink canister. Then slide it into the casing and put the end back on.
Note: don't forget were you put the money!

Step 2: TV Remote Safe

Grab the nearest TV remote, and remove the batteries. Fold the money to fit in the empty space. Now lock your safe up! If you forget where you put it, your remember it when you sit down and try to turn on the TV.

Step 3: Clock Safe

Put your money in your alarm clock. You don't have to take the batteries out for this one, but you can't put a lot of money in this one.

Step 4: DVD Player Safe

Put your money in a DVD Player.

Disclaimer Note: Don't try this with other kinds of DVD players. You could break you DVD Player.

Step 5: DVD Case Safe

Put your money in a DVD Case. Preferably your favorite movie.

Step 6: Tissue Box Safe

Put your money in a tissue box. Just don't blow your nose on it then throw it away.

Step 7: Book Safe

Put your money in a book. Don't let the money stick out though.

Step 8: Music Box Safe

One of my best ideas I think.
Fold you money up and put it in the bottom of the music box.

Step 9: Wall Clock Safe

Fold the money up and stick it in the back of the clock then hang the clock back on the wall.

Step 10: Calendar Safe

Stick your money in between the pages of a calendar.

Step 11: Flashlight Safe

Fold bill in half. Then wrap it around the battery case. This is a handy one especially for traveling.

Well I hope this gives you some ideas on how to hide your money.

Any questions, comments, complaints or advise please comment below.

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