DIY Homemade Ecig Flashlight Battery

Introduction: DIY Homemade Ecig Flashlight Battery

There is no soldering in this tutorial. Also this is my first tutorial so bare with but I promise entertainment along with education. Let's begin our journey...

Step 1: Protection and Proper Age

(No guys and gals this isn't about the birds and the bees)
First off we will be using a power tool in this Instructable. Anytime you use a power you should ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS use the proper safety protection pertaining to the specific power tool you are using. In this case you will need eye protection, thick gloves, and ear plugs. Now we address age. Vaping is a replacement for smoking so if you are not of legal age to smoke cigarettes or vape in your state this Instructable is not for you. Now that we have covered those bases and if you are still in the game let's get ready... Warm up time guys and gals!

Step 2: Tools Needed

These are the exact tools I used to make this project. The super glue I bought from my local Dollar Tree as a just in case and didn't even uses the whole bottle, the same with the electric tape. The pliers I used also have wire snips in the center so if you don't have a pair like that you will also need thick wire snips. The Dremel I bought from my local Home Depot. { A Dremel can be a very dangerous tool even if you know how to operate one. A minor should ALWAYS use one under adult supervision and with the highest of precautions. If you do not own this tool do not go and buy one just for this project. I will explain how steps can be done without this tool.} Small clamps, any kind will do. A small set of smooth needle nose pliers, small screwdriver, and sharp scissors, a lighter,all I already owned. Finally JB Weld Clear Weld epoxy. { Sets in 5 minutes cures in and hour. You can find this at your local Walmart usually near the spray paint or plumbing area}

Step 3: Required Items

You will need a flashlight that unscrews from the bottom and the top. I got mine from Home Depot but most dollar stores sale them too. It will also need a click button on the bottom and a battery pack {The kind that's circular and holds multiple small batteries} and an LED would be best. You will also need some washers. I had some lying around. Nails or screws {I used a nail but I will explain how you can use a screw as well} I already had these too. Finally a 510 connector for an Ecig. mine was from a broken battery but you can purchase these cheaply online or usually from your local vape shop... Now that we have all the equipment let's get this started so guys and gals HERE WE GO!!!

Step 4: Destruction

Now we get down to the real action. you are going to completely the apart your flashlight. However you are going to do this with the mos delicate touch. The LED circuit and LED barrel are the only things you will not be using in this tutorial. When pushing out the lens make sure not to break it because you will be using it not only as a reference in size but in the build itself. The positive pen is tiny and can easily be lost. DON'T LOSE THIS PIECE OF EQUIPMENT!!! After you gut your flashlight take all your pieces out and lay them out so you can see what you are working with and become familiar with your parts... Now that we havep destroyed a perfectly good flashlight let's make it into something completely awesome and useful {if you're an Ecig user something you can use indefinitely, which we all know is the CAT'S MEOW!} and looks pretty awesome in my opinion... Onward and forward guys and gals!

Step 5: Making Adjustments

My 510 Connector {This is off and regular Ecig battery mine was broke. If you don't have one you can order one off of or your local vape shop should have them.} had to be shaved down passed the hole where the original button was. I cut off right above the hole making an flush bottom for this I used my Dremel and pliers. Once again and Dremel IS NOT A TOY. This tool can be dangerous even for someone who is well experienced so use extremely care and caution. Also PROTECTION, PROTECTION, PROTECTION!!! Use a cutting disk and cut away then give it a little tap and make smooth. {If you don't have a Dremel a hacksaw will work score all the way around first then cut through. You will need to sand the bottom or rub it across son corrugated cardboard to get rid of the metal burrs.}
The washers need to be the same size as the lense cap. These washers will become your negative connection for your battery. The holes need to be big enough to work in so I had to grind mine a little with my Dremel. It's to your preference { No Dremel? Use a file. No file a small Emery board will work too.} Make sure your washers sit flush on top of one another. If you've done all this and I'm still making sense then we are both doing good and still in the game... Lets get to it guys and gals!

Step 6: Making the Connector

In this step you will be using the JB Weld Epoxy, some clamps,electrical tape, something to mix the epoxy with and I also recommend some rubber gloves but it's not necessary. {Epoxy has heavy fumes and should always be used in a well ventilated area. This epoxy sets in 5 minutes which means make sure you are ready with all your pieces and materials at hand before you mix the epoxy. We are working with small parts so a little goes a long way that's why I use popsicle sticks to spread a small amount since that's all that will be needed. }
-Okay back to the game, so to speak, you are going to epoxy the flashlight washer to the lenses cap. Make sure you don't cover the threads of the washer with epoxy or you will not be able to screw it back into the top of the flashlight. I tightly taped these two pieces together with electrical tape, as the electrical tape won't stick, then clamped them together for a good 20 minutes. Make sure not to tape it completely so that air can make contact and dry. While I was waiting for the epoxy to set I found the white plastic piece you see in the pictures on the floor that came out the flashlight as well, I will call this piece the stabilizer. After twenty minutes I unwrapped the tape and epoxied the stabilizer to the plastic piece. Making sure once again not to get any epoxy on the threads of the washer. I taped it and clamped it and waited once again. Once set I moves on to the next piece.
-I used 2 washers but it's to preference. First I epoxied the 2 washers together in the same manner as the steps before, taping, clamping, and waiting. Then I I centered the 510 connector evenly over the washer holes. This is key as you will be needing to put something inside of the connector through the washer holes. When clamping the connector be as gentle as possible to not bend or distort the tip of the connector in anyway.

You will want to let all these pieces set overnight to harden completely... If you're still with me then you're going strong and don't stop now... Let's keep going guys and gals!!!

Step 7: Almost There

You will need the lighter in this step and pliers to hold the nail/screw, clamps, epoxy, and electrical tape if you want.
{Fire is dangerous! Heating metal even a small amount can cause bodily harm and should be done with EXTREME PRECATIONS! WEAR YOUR SAFETY EQUIPEMENT!!!! That is all Thank You. }
-The length of the nail/screw doesn't matter as long as the head of it can fit into the 510 connector inside and touch the center. Once you have your nail/screw picked you will want to hold the head of it with your pliers while wearing your gloves. Take the lighter and heat the tip of the nail/screw until red hot. Next you will take the nail/screw and pierce the lenses cap tip first through the flashlight washer then the lenses cap then the center of the stabilizer. Let the nail/screw cool then position to where the head touches the inside of the 510 connector. Gently epoxy the nail/screw into place and set aside to dry. {DO NOT CLAMP OR TAPE THIS PIECE}
-After that has dried take the 510 connector piece that we made in the last step with the washers. Center this piece directly over the nail making sure the 510 connector touches the head of the nail/screw. Epoxy the 510 piece to the nail piece making sure no epoxy gets on on the the sides of the flashlight washer. You will need to GENTLY clap the edges and again set aside to dry. This time it will need to cure not only set which means about 12 hours of drying time.
-Now that your complete top piece is dry you are going to need to cut off the tip of your nail/screw. I used the snips in the center of my pliers. I do not recommend using a hacksaw or Dremel for this step as it may cause the nail/screw to move and you don't want that. Now where to cut will depend on where your battery pack will be touching the nail/screw. You will want to screw the complete top assembly into the top of the flashlight then screw the barrel into the top then drop your battery pack into the barrel. Measure how far the battery pack is sticking out and that's how much you will need to cut off plus the size of the positive pen.
-Now this step can be tricky and frustrating. Using Epoxy attach the positive pen to the end of the nail/screw. If the positive pen doesn't quite fit you may have to file the end of the nail/screw a tad so the positive pen to fit over the end. Use electric tape to hold the positive pen snuggly in place and straight.{Make sure these to pieces fit good and are even it's very important} DO NOT CLAMP THESE PIECES!!
If you've made it this far congratulations graduation and completion is just around the corner so let's get to it guys and gals!

Step 8: The Finale

-You're going to take your top piece you've made and screw it into the top part of the flashlight. I chose to superglue this piece in place from the top so that there was no chance of it moving or being damaged. this is to preference. Next you will screw the top piece of the flashlight onto the barrel. Then before you put the battery pack in screw the bottom on to make sure all the parts still fit right. Now unscrew the bottom and put the battery pack in positive side first. Screw on the bottom. You should screw it tight enough that when you shake your new battery there is no rattling.
CONGRATULATIONS guys and gals!!! You are now the proud maker and owner of an Ecig flashlight battery!
-How it works... The bottom button is your on/off switch. You screw your tank in the top to your 510 connector and it's that easy guys and gals. I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial vote for me if you think I smashed it out of the ball park... Oh and as always VAPE ON!!!

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    4 years ago

    Nice little flashlight mod. Cute, & I don't mean the mod. ;-)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great tutorial, thank you for sharing this. Can't wait to see more projects from you!


    5 years ago

    I hope everyone has enjoyed this Instructable I am in the process of making a 12v Ecig mechanical mod. please vote for me and if you have any questions or suggestions drop a line.