DIY || Homemade Gravel Gun ||

Introduction: DIY || Homemade Gravel Gun ||

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Homemade Gravel Gun.

This is a game which i used to make when i was young and break windows ... What made me stop playing with it was an accident.! While i was playing with a friend i hit accidently hit him close to his eye. So if anyone wants to make this should protect his eyes before playing...

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Step 1: Items Needed

This construction is very simple to create.

The needed items

  1. Plastic Bottle
  2. Medical Glove or other elastic glove
  3. Nylon Plastic Zip Trim

You will need a pair of scissors for cuting bottle and glove..

Step 2: Steps Construction

  1. Cut the bottle
  2. Cut fingers form elastic glove
  3. Place elastic fingers as you see in picture
  4. Truss the fingers with Nylon Plastic Zip Trim

And Finally Ready ... you can use Gravel or other small objects for throwing .. i use Screws !!!

Step 3: How to Use It!

  1. Put the gravel in to the finger
  2. PULL as you see in picture
  3. Let it launcher in the target

Thanks for watching.. and don't forget to follow me <3 !

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