DIY Homemade Hologram Projector

Introduction: DIY Homemade Hologram Projector

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Making a homemade hologram projector from scratch.

You can find all the steps from creating a template to the end product.

Step 1: Making Video

Watch the video to see the making of the hologram projector or continue reading to make your own DIY Hologram Projector.

In the video testing begins @3:30

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Step 2: Things Required

1. Transparent cover of the CD/DVD Case

2. Sketch Pen

3. Pencil

4. Scale

5. Protractor

6. Scissor

7. Knife

8. Super Glue

9. Eraser

10 Thick white paper for template creation

Step 3: Creating Template - Step 1

1st Image - Draw a 1cm x 1cm square

2nd Image - Draw diagonal lines to obtain the center point

3rd Image - After achieving the center point draw a horizontal and vertical line

Step 4: Creating Template - Step 2

1st Image - Now measure 3cm from the border of 1cm square on the vertical and horizontal line (from the center point of the 1cm square it should be 3.5cm)

2nd Image - Erase all the external line

Step 5: Creating Template - Step 3

1st Image : Now Measure 55 degree from the border of the 1cm square.

2nd Image : 55 degree should be made for all the borders of the 1cm square (You should achieve eight 55 degree lines in total )

3rd Image : It shows how it will look after all the 55 degree lines are drawn

Step 6: Creating Template - Step 4

1st Image : Highlight all the important lines with a marker or a sketch pen

2nd Image & 3rd Image : Now cut the template

Step 7: Creating Template - Step 5

1st Image & 2nd Image : Use the template to cut the pieces on the CD case

Step 8: Joining

1st Image & 2nd Image : Join all the pieces (this is bit difficult step)

Step 9: Finished Image

In the testing i used my own hologram video. If you don't have your own hologram video you can visit this Link :


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    2 Discussions

    Malik Al-Sharif
    Malik Al-Sharif

    3 years ago

    Were you can get the pictures for your screen, you must have picture support this technology


    Reply 3 years ago

    I am using a hologram video created by me. If you want to test i have shared the video link in the Step 9. Hope this helps you