DIY Homemade Lip-Balm



Introduction: DIY Homemade Lip-Balm

This short Instructable, will teach you to make your own Lip-Balm in 15 minutes. I have added all the tips and tricks I know! Enjoy :)

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Step 1: Materials


For about 4 x 0.5 o.z.:

Almond oil 10g
Shea butter 2g
Beeswax 4g
Ceralan 3g
Mica powder 2 pinches
Vanilla extract 2 drops

Cutasept F --> to desinfect

Packging (small tins)

Please note that home made lip-balms that include Lanolin might cause allergic reactions, however, this should not cause any, unless you are allergic to the specific ingredients.

Step 2:

Des infect all of the materials you are going to use to create the Lip-Balm.

Step 3:

Measure the exact amounts of the ingredients.

If you want to have a very soft Lip-Balm, add a little extra Shea butter.

Step 4:

First you add the Almond oil, Beeswax and Ceralan in a pot.

The Beeswax and Ceralan need a longer period of time to melt. In general they melt at 70°C.

Please make sure that the Shea butter was not added yet, since you lose the vitamins of it, if you heat it over a longer period of time.

Step 5:

Then you heat the Almond oil, Ceralan and Beeswax, until it is almost completely melted. Use the mixing bar to stir the ingredients.

Heating in a pot is not necessary, if you melt it in the microwave or in a water bath, everything will work out the same way.

Step 6:

Add the Shea butter and let everything melt completely.

Shea butter melts at 50°C.

Step 7:

Add two pinches of mica powder and two drops of vanilla extract.
Dose depending on the darkness of the color and the heaviness of the vanilla scent and taste you want.

Step 8:

Fill into the packaging (tins).

Make sure that there are not a lot of air bubbles, or the Lip-Balm might collapse after it cooled down.

Step 9:

Let it cool for thirty minutes.

Putting it into a freezer is not necessary. Keeping it at room temperature will be completely sufficient.

Step 10:


Since this is an almost complete oil mixture it should be made to last for at least three months. Pure oil mixtures (if you leave out the vanilla scent), should be made to last for almost forever.

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