DIY Homemade Mini Table Saw




In this video you can find how to make a mini tablesaw at home, however safety should be taken using this kind of tools.

Step1 : you should construct the Drill holder.

Step2 : Adapting a small standard cutting disc.

Step3 : adding a suport .

Step4 : Fixing the mini table saw.

Step 1: Drill Holder Construction

you should construct the drill holder with the dimentions mensioned in the pictures.

Step 2: Adapting a Small Standard Cutting Disc

Construct the cutting disc holder with :M10X 50 bolt and 3 washers and two rubber washers.

Step 3: Adding a Suport

Add a wooden support to the wooden assembly.

Step 4: Fixing the Mini Table Saw

The mini table saw should be well fixed on the working table.

after the table will be ready for small projects.



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    5 Discussions


    1 year ago

    No , man . Do not be doing that - You will trap the offcut between blade and fence . Might want to hold off on freehanding your workpiece , always use aids , easily made and can save important parts from getting shredded .


    1 year ago

    Sorry. What I thought when reading this, is exactly what JoshK107 wrote.

    Please watch out, this is not a toy.


    1 year ago

    Someone will lose some fingers with this.

    I would suggest also, don't crosscut on the fence.

    When using the fence the waste end should be the opposite side from the blade. The way you are pushing the workpiece across the blade to reference off the fence will lead to it kicking back eventually and possibly pulling you hand into the blade.

    This looks great. You should enter this into the Workshop Hacks contest that is currently running.

    1 reply