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Introduction: DIY Homemade No-Sew Cat Toy | Baymax Cat Toy With Catnip

About: I'm a 5 year old girl who loves to DIY! My idol is Alton Brown and I want to be just like him! I started my own channel to share my crafts and treats with everyone so I hope you guys like it! I've been real...

This super cute homemade cat toy is inspired by the Disney movie, Big Hero 6! This cat toy looks exactly like Baymax and is filled with tons of yummy catnip for your cat! If you have a big pair of socks, you can probably make about 6 of them out of each pair. Since they're inexpensive, you can make a bunch and donate it to all the little kitties at your local animal shelter!

Watch the video above to learn how to make it!

You can also watch it directly on YouTube: (Please subscribe and like the video if you do!)

Or keep on reading for the step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:

  • white socks
  • fabric glue
  • stuffing
  • catnip
  • black felt
  • scissors
  • cup
  • a marker

Step 2: Eyes and Mouth!

First cut the black felt into two tiny circles and a tiny strip. These are for Baymax's eyes and mouth.

You can also use embroidery thread and some safety eyes if you're in the mood to sew.

Step 3: Trace and Cut. Make Many to Donate!

Next, place the cup upside down over the sock and trace out a circle. Cut the circle out. If you have a big sock, you might be able to cut two or three circles from each sock.

You can easily make a bunch at once. Consider making some extra and donate them to your local animal shelter.

Step 4: Glue or Sew.

Glue the nice sides of the fabric together along the edges. Leave a little bit of space for stuffing the toy. Let it dry thoroughly before moving onto the next step. Optionally, you can sew the edges together instead of gluing to make it faster and sturdier.

Step 5: Stuff It Up!

Once the glue is dry, turn it inside out. Stuff the cat toy half way and then put a bunch of catnip in the middle. Stuff the rest of Baymax's head until you like the shape. Use your finger to shape his head out evenly.

Step 6: Close Baymax Up.

Turn the edges of the whole a little bit in and glue it shut. (You can place a clip there until it dries, use a little bit of hot glue, or sew it shut.)

Step 7: Eyes and Mouth.

Glue on Baymax's mouth, and then his eyes. Let it dry again.

Step 8: Done!

That's it! You're done! Isn't he the cutest??

I ended up making 2 more of them since my cats were fighting over the first one I made. I'm going to go buy more socks and make some to donate to the animal shelter soon.

Go back to the beginning to watch me make this on video.

You can also visit my YouTube page: to watch more DIYs, subscribe, and share with your friends!

Hope you guys like it!

I'll see you next time.

- Ollie

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    3 years ago

    Cute idea! Also, your cat is adorable!


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you!! We just rescued him from a shelter nearby. He's super friendly.


    3 years ago

    You're really cool. I aspire to be famous like you on instructables. I
    am really new (I started yesterday) and was wondering if you can check
    out my work, give me some feedback?