DIY - Homemade Scroll Saw


Introduction: DIY - Homemade Scroll Saw

Make your own scroll saw. All the details in the video.



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    i teach quids 10 to 13. i´d love to have the plans. it wod make my worck easear

    A job very well done. It seems incredible, how easy you do make it their manufacture. Congratulations.
    I hope I have explained my opinion well. My English is not very good.

    I can't seem to find a video with step by step instruction? am I doing something wrong? also, o really wish any/all posters of projects would take the time to include such instruction as well as complete supplies needed lists

    Nice Job. Very similar to the one Izzy Swan made awhile ago.

    Any drawing and measurement would a lot

    Nice! That is really cool!

    Whoa, this is impressive!

    If you felt inclined to write up a few steps to outline how you made this, that would be very helpful for anyone wanting to build a similar scroll saw. Just a thought! ;)