DIY Homemade Steering Wheel USB PC With Viberation




Introduction: DIY Homemade Steering Wheel USB PC With Viberation

Hello guys this is my Homemade Steering wheel (Mark 5) .....this wheel is really has vibration features as well has a sequential shifter,analog switch for nitrous and handbrake and obviously has acceleration/brake pedals.....quite easy to to youtube video of this wheel's gameplay:

Step 1: Things U Need

  1. a potentiometer (100k)

2.a cheap analog gamepad

3.basic stuff like glue

4.aluminum foil

5.a steering wheel(or something that looks like one,or maybe a plastic disk- use ur creativity guys!! ;) )

Step 2: Basic Structure of Wheel

  1. take a box..

2.get a rod like structure(can be a pvc pipe or something..or maybe a hollow plastic rod) through it and glue it to the potentiometer inside the box.

3.assemble as shown in figure..

4.the potentiometer can be fixed and glued to a thermocol which is glued inside the box......whatever u do--but the potentiometer should be fixed and rigidly attached..

5.solder wires out of the potentiometers connecting ends..

Step 3: Making Gear

Basic Structure:assemble as shown in figure..

wire the gear as shown in figure and u will get 3 wire ending-one main,and other secondary(as shown in figure)

Step 4: Making Pedals

Basic Structure:follow the image

Now here u will make acceleration pedals as well as brake u will make two of the ones shown in the important thing is that u will get 4 wire ending-but u have only 3 coming from what u will do is that u will take any two same place wires from both pedals(suppose u take both the nail wires) and u will connect u will have 3 wires..two from different foils from different pedals(secondary wires) and one from both the nails of the pedals(main wire)..

Step 5: Handbrakes/Nitros

take a potentiometer (from another gamepad) as shown in fig and solder any one side....then attach it to wheel and get the wires out of your rod..if u cant find a potentiometer,then make nitrous and handbrakes by same way as gears ..or use switches instead

final look in picture

again here u will get 3 main(always the middle one) and 2 secondary wires

Step 6: Connections

take your gamepad apart(open it)

when u open it up, u will see a pcb like shown in the figure...

solder the required connections (in the gamepad's pcb) as shown in figure.....also put hot glue on it...(or maybe M-seal)

then melt holes in the gamepad's plastic and get the wires out of it....make sure u have access to the analog button(VERY IMPORTANT)

during the connections,u will always take the main wire and attach it to the main wire(always the middle on)of the pcb and secondary wires to the secondary wires(left or right) of the PCB (gamepad)

once done then close the gamepad back and follow the assembly in the next step

Step 7: Assembling

this is the part where u assemble all the things up to make ur wheel..follow the figures

i attached the vibrator(motor)from the gamepad in thermocol and fixed it to one end of the as to allow vibrations being felt..

as u can see from the figure,i took out the r1-r2 & l1-l2 wires from the holes (that i had melted)of the gamepad...

and most importantly-to switch on to analog mode,i open the box and press the button..

Step 8: DONE!!

done with the making!!now test it...follow the steps

Step 9: Testing and Setting Up Vibration

  1. open start menu and write set up..u will see set up usb game it..

then click the gamepad..and open properties

  • rotate wheel and see if the dot is moving as well..(as shown in figure)
  • then test all other peripherals and see if all buttons are hilighted when pedals/gears/handbrakes are used

    (as shown in figure)

  • if yes Njoy!!


    to set up vibrations install ur drivers provided with the gamepad..else find ur drivers on net

    then test the vibrator in the vibration pannels(by clicking 'Both Forces')in vibrator pannel(in set up usb controllers)

  • Step 10: Coustomising

    now you are done with making!!customize your steering wheel with your need and enjoy!!

    link to video of it in action:



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      24 Discussions


      2 years ago

      D Inventor, if you haven't made the Force Feedback (Return Back) yet, you can use a Strong Rubberband or a Thick Rubberband to make an artificial FF. Also I'm gonna make this, nice work!

      Force Feedback.png

      hey D inventor can we use a spring on the stick for return back mechanism?

      Hey D Inventor I wan't to begin with this project but i have one problem. How do you connect the wires with te Foil and what type of nail you used? Please Help

      I tried this but i can only turn one way. i tested the connections and they are all in working order. please help

      Hey D Inventor, your methods are very easy to understand. But I got a bit confusion on the pedals' USB hub, I mean, for connecting the "USB to pedals" you mentioned. Could you tell me what I need to connect for the USB hub (on pedals) ? And what kind of nails did you use for the pedals ?

      Thanks D Inventor, your product is amazing

      I don't always play driving games, but when I do I like to handle my steering wheel like it;s made of raw eggs,

      Hey, D Inventor. I thought something like what you have made but i was having problem to figure out how to make a return back mechanism for the steering wheel. If you have added it to yours plz tell how to do so. Moreover, I have several other ideas to improve this system. Like a table mount clip (see image). And you can also mount the remaining buttons of gamepad in front of the steering wheel for some extra actions of game.

      1 reply

      hey! i actually haven't built the return back mechanism i actually do it manually...this wheel was just a prototype and i guessed that the turning degree of the wheel wasnt that much that it needed a return back mechanism..

      Anyway, regarding the table mount thing, I actually use a G-clamp for fixing the wheel and the gear, if u see my video(in the description),then u can notice the gear fixed with a G-clamp..and i find the two analog stick buttons on the steering enough for the game controls so i never felt the need of expanding the buttons ...cheers!

      I've used a 2k lineair potentiometer and it works tnx al lot for this toturial !!!!

      Is the potentiometer audio taper or linear taper?

      i do not really understand the use of the controller coz i havent used them alot(i am more of a pc gamer). I have only used ps3 controllers and it isnt the type that you have used. So can u explain it a little. I mean in the gear and handbrake/NOS button. Can u give the model or atleast type of controller you used.

      2 replies

      Bro..its a simple ..1st of all you can use any cheap usb gamepad (with analog/mode button)as given in the image ..for reference u can take a look at this one:

      as for the nitros and handbrakes.take a look at steps 6-10..maybe u'll understand..anyway let me tell it to u in u can see there are 2 analog sticks(the mone which rotates)..each one has 2 for up/down and one for right/ now i took apart one of the potentiometers from the pcb(the chip) and soldered the wires as shown in the connnection step(step 6 or something)..i think u'll get it now..thanks anyway!best of luck!

      Thanks. I am recently caught in alot of exams. So havent been able to do it. I guess i will understand it better once i take apart a controller.

      what did u use for the gear and handbrake/NOS button....i dont really get it. I am a PC gamer and have like only 1% experience with controllers.

      hey ssarth2..srry for a little delayed reply..when i calculated it, i found it to be around 270 degrees..