DIY Homemade Vacuum Cleaner Using Computer Cooling Fan

Introduction: DIY Homemade Vacuum Cleaner Using Computer Cooling Fan

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In this video i will show you how to build your own DIY vacuum cleaner

Step 1: Making Video

Step 2: Things Required

1. Plastic Bottle

2. Bottle Cap

3. Another Cap with length 3 to 5 Cm

4. Cloth with Filter

5. 12 Volt Computer Cooling Fan

6. Scale, Sketch Pen & Knife

7. Insulation Tape

8. Scissor

9. Soldering Rod, Soldering Wire & Soldering Paste

10. Wire Stripper

11. Glue

12. Packing Tape

13. Few Pieces of Cardboard Sheets

14. Plastic Container with Lid

Step 3: Wiring

Step 4: Construction

1st Image - Cut the bottle at the top

2nd Image - Now place the cut piece at an angle and mark it with a sketch pen / marker as shown in 3rd Image

4th Image - Now cut & remove the marked part

5th Image - Now remove the bottom section leaving about 6 to 8 Cm

Step 5: Construction

1st Image - Shows how the nozzle will be placed

2nd Image - Now cut the cap an angle

3rd Image - Make a hole in the bottle cap

4th Image - Make a hole in the plastic container

Step 6: Construction - Joining

1st Image - Now Glue the bottle cap & the white cap

2nd Image - Now glue the container to the plastic bottle (Note : in this image you can see there is a filter which is not required hence it was not shown here but it shown in the making video

3rd Image - Join the Nozzle part to the plastic bottle

Step 7: Construction - Filter & Fan

Now to create filter

1st Image - Mark the size of the fan and

2nd Image - Now remove the center part so that air can flow (You need 2)

3rd Image - Now glue the filter to one of the cardboard sheet

4th Image - Now place the another card board sheet over it & glue it

(Placement = Cardboard sheet - Cloth - Cardboard Sheet)

5th Image - Now place the container lid and mark the center part which has to be removed

6th Image - Once the center part is removed glue it to the one side of the filter

7th Image - Now glue the computer cooling fan to the other side

8th Image - Now cover all the sides of the fan and add a switch(optional)

Step 8: Finished Images

To watch the testing of the vacuum cleaner please CLICK HERE or go to the step 1 (Making Video)

Testing begins @ 10:40


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