DIY Beats by Da Vinci by Madeline, Cassidy, &Jacqueline

Introduction: DIY Beats by Da Vinci by Madeline, Cassidy, &Jacqueline


  • 2 Voice/copper coils(to help the sound travel through aire pressure)
  • 2



  • 2 pieces of electric tape
  • 2 alligator clips (not mandatory)
  • Phone
  • Sandpaper (used for the copper coil)
  • Aux cord(removed wire)
  • Small clear cup (for your ears)
  • Elmer glue stick (to wrap the coil)
  • Scissors ( to cute the coil)

7}. Lastly, Put the song you'd like and finally you can hear your music and it sounds clearly from the headphones.

Behind the scenes of the music

Buying headphones/earphones can be pricey especially when you always lose them or break them but what if there was an easier way the "Da Vinci way". For our physics class we needed to create headphones by using three main components of a speaker are a voice coil, diaphragm, and neodymium magnets . They are important because the voice coil is what provides for the electric current to travel through and it strengths the magnetic field to vibrate.The reason why these are so important and necessary are because every speaker in general has a diaphragm and a voice coil.The voice coils are what vibrates because of the magnets.The neodymium magnets are what causes sound waves in other terms the vibrations.Lastly the importance of the diaphragm (plastic cups)is because its like the body of the paragraph to an essay without this you probably wouldn't have and echo from the sound waves going through,so the sound can travel.

Step 1:

Begin the Procedures:

~ Take a small clear cup,two neodymium magnets,red wire,sandpaper,electrical tape,alligator wire,glue stick and lastly and aux cord the wire will not be needed for this procedure.

~First ,you will need to take two magnets and separate them from each other so that they don't get attach together.

Step 2:

~Next ,you will take a small cup and you will put a magnet on the top of the cup and the bottom.

~Then ,you need to take the red coil you'll need about 5 ft long for the coil then use the scissors to cut it and then use a marker or glue stick and wrap it around try not to overlap them.After you will need to remove the wire from the glue stick.(DO THIS SLOWLY SO IT DOESN'T UNDO YOUR HARD WORK)

Step 3:

~An now before we tape this to the magnet that's underneath the cup you have to have two ends from voice coil sticking up and sand those two ends down with sandpaper until the red for the tips are removed. Then,using the two ends try to loop it in the hole and out so the wire wont undo.After, tape the voice coil magnet that is under breath the cup and flip the cup over.

Step 4:

~After, you connect two alligator clips voice coils and connect the other side to the alligator clip to the end of the aux cord which connects to your phone.

Step 5:

~ Lastly, Check to see that your headphones aren't falling apart Finally, your going to want to play your favorite song and hear the magic as it flows through your ears.

Step 6: Trouble Shooting?

~Having problems?usually this is caused because the wire might of not been sanded enough/properly.If this occurs in the process of making your speaker you might need to take the speaker apart and sand the ends of the coil.If then its still not working it could be that the sound is unstable or its not loud enough try to fix the alligator clips and most importantly dont have the two ends of the coil touch the magnet or each other.

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