DIY How to Hack a Hard-Drive to a Hidden Flash-Drive,LED Light,Cellphone Charger & Holder

Introduction: DIY How to Hack a Hard-Drive to a Hidden Flash-Drive,LED Light,Cellphone Charger & Holder

About this project:
This is a DIY hack project that allows you to recycle your broken hard-drives back to live and turn them to something useful.

This is the full Schematic Diagram:

This is the link to blog to the project:

this is the PDF version:

this is another copy with wooden background:
This project has got several functions as follows:

1. it is an LED desktop light while studying or can be used as monitor light.
2. it is a pen holder on des-top.
3. it is a cell phone stand, or holder and a cell phone USB charger, it charges the cell-phone as soon as you connect the cable to your cell phone.
4. There is a hidden flash drive that has no way to be detected by the computer, unless you trigger the LDR sensor by an external single LED flash light. The flash light generates a small signal on the LDR surface and that small signal is enough to BASE Biasing of the transistor to allow a significant current through the relay coil and turn on the positive DC source for the flash-drive.

A PDF map and detail, with calculation of this project is available and you can download them for free.

Or send me an email if you had more question, the email address is on my channel, and this is the link to my channel:


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    6 Discussions

    So, when we replace the normal pen with a multi-function light/pen/laser/stylus (

    Now, there's no need to carry around the led flashlight, you just have to know the trick to turning on the thumbdrive.

    Not SUPER secure, but unless they're an instructables reader, who would guess the extra, hidden function?

    1 reply

    well that is a good observation, i didn't know about those pens, thanks for the link.
    okay here i would choose some more options:

    1.making it double sensors, for example one Sound sensor beside LDR, so even if you insert the LED, it still would wait for your clapping to turn on the flash drive.

    2.increase the resistor of the LDR, it means it cannot trigger the transistor Base if the light intensity is less than 3800mcd (one typical LED with full current 30mA).

    3.bringing rout of the circuit to one of those small pins of HDD choosing Master and slave, that is the cute one :) and hard to find.

    still not super secure? :)

    I want to rate this project. I don't see any I the only one?

    I have to say this is one heck of a great instructable. We have several broken HDDs at my school..hmm...I might have to try this with one of them. Thanks!

    Interesting project, and nice workmanship too.

    Is there a link to the project PDF posted somewhere? I couldn't find it.

    1 reply

    thank you,

    yes there is a PDF for it, i am working on now to add some more details and
    while it got uploaded, then i put a link of it here on the detail of the video.