DIY How to Make Foam Sheets Flip Flops: Foam Sheet Crafts



About: I am housewife and I have a lovely daughter. I love to spend my time with making crafts. I am Hobbyist.I love hummingbirds.

It is easy DIY. I made this flip flops using foam sheet.

I think kids going to love this project. This is wearable flip flops.

Ya, it’s not so much durable. Kids can wear it for fun play or indoor.

Or you can make its small size for dolls.

I made this flip flops for my daughter. And she loves it.

What you need:

1) Foam sheets

2) Glue

3) Beads


First, you need to make flip flops soles. So take any size of flip flop available at your home and

trace it on a paper and cut it. Now cut your foam sheets using that paper cut. You need to make

your shoe soles thicker. But foam sheets are thin so we need to make more the sole layers and glue it one by one.

I used 5 layers for each. The top most layer you need to make the strap for flip flops.

You are done. You can make some decoration with flowers.

I describe this process very shortly. Please watch my video for details.

Thanks for watching.

Step 1: DIY How to Make Foam Sheets Flip Flops: Foam Sheet Crafts



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