DIY How to Make a Beaded Chain Bracelet

Introduction: DIY How to Make a Beaded Chain Bracelet

This bracelet is made up of loops of wire, threaded with beads. It can be fairly time consuming to make (though no more so than if you were making a normal handmade chain). However, the effort is worth it, as you'll produce a unique, eye-catching bracelet.

Step 1: Select the Jump Rings

You can either make these yourself or buy them. Make sure that they are big enough to thread the beads on to and that you have enough of them.

Step 2: Open the Jump Ring by Twisting the Two Sides Away From Each Other With Pliers

Do not pull the ends jump ring apart outwards, as this will change the shape of the ring.

Step 3: Thread the Beads Onto the Jump Ring

Use odd numbers of beads in coordinating colours for the most aesthetically pleasing design.

Step 4: Close the Jump Ring

Ensure that the ends are pressed tightly together to prevent the chain from falling apart.

Step 5: Make a Chain

Create as many of these as you need to make your bracelet, linking them together to make a chain.

Step 6: Attach a Clasp to Your Bracelet

There are many clasps available, so choose whichever you prefer.

Step 7: Finished

All work is finish and now you've good beaded chain Bracelet.

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