DIY How to Make a Beaded Link for Necklace



Create a beaded link like the one in this video to make a Handmade Beaded Link Necklace. Once you know how to make these, the possibilities are endless!


Step 1: Watch My DIY Video or Follow the Easy Steps Below :)

Step 2: You Will Need:

22 Gauge Wire

Bead of Choice

Needle Nose Pliers

Bent Nose Pliers


Step 3:

Cut a piece of wire about 3" long. Squeeze the wire between the middle of the needle nose pliers.

Step 4:

Turn your pliers 360 degrees to create a circle. This is called the "eye".

Step 5:

Take the piece of wire sticking out , called "the stem" , and bend it so it sticks out from the center of the circle.

Step 6:

Flatten the eye. This also hardens the wire, making your links stronger.

Step 7:

It should look like this. Like a lollipop.

Step 8:

Now slide on your bead. I'm using a Blue Chalcedony Gemstone but you can use whatever you like.

Step 9:

Grab a hold of the wire with the middle of the needle nose pliers.

Step 10:

Bend the wire towards you.

Step 11:

Now open the pliers, keeping the wire still, and turn the pliers towards you. Close the pliers back down onto the wire.

Step 12:

Now bend the wire away from you.

Step 13:

Open the pliers again, keeping the wire still, and turn the pliers away from you. Close the pliers back down onto the wire.

You'll notice it's a "back and forth" kind of process. Once I got the phrase "towards towards away away" in my head when I first learned this technique, I was able to make these links faster and faster each time. Once you get the process down, you'll be able to make them in no time too.

Step 14:

Turn your link and the pliers up to face you. Grasp the bend of the stem with the middle of your pliers. Bend the stem end under and wrap it around.

Step 15:

Continue wrapping the stem around until you reach the top of the bead, making sure to wrap tightly around the top of the bead so it is nice and snug. You've now made your second eye, go ahead and flatten this one too.

Step 16:

Cut off the excess wire and flatten and smooth the cut end with the bent nose pliers.

Step 17:

You now have a handmade beaded link! You can attach more links and create bracelets, necklaces and more! I'd love to see anything you create with your own handmade beaded links!



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