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Jesus loves you!!!

Hi and welcome back to our channel! Today we'll be making candy cane reindeer.

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Step 1: Supplies

What you'll be needing today is a hole punch, paper, tape, 2 candy canes, and double stick tape, 2 wiggle eyes, and a pom pom but those are optional.

Step 2: Instructions

So, first what we're going to do is cut a five by three inch square. Then we're going to hole punch two holes on one side, side by side, about three inches apart. Slip the candy canes through the holes and tape them down to the paper. To make the reindeer, take some double-stick tape and put it in place for two eyes and a nose and place the little eyes and the pom-pom on the double stick tape. If you don't have these items you can always draw a face on your paper. Your candy cane reindeer is now complete!

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