DIY How to Make a Salt Pot - Hacks for Real Life

Introduction: DIY How to Make a Salt Pot - Hacks for Real Life

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Hello Viewer, Today i want to show you ''DIY How to make a salt pot - Hacks For Real Life''

Things You Will Need:

(1)Two Plastic Bottle

(2)Hot Glue Gun

(3)Wooden Scissor

I hope you like this project. If you want to see more, You can follow and visit my youtube channel page. Stay save have fun and otherways thanks for watching.

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    4 years ago

    This presentation is
    interesting and would have readily lent itself to the Instructables
    format of step by step explanation. A video is fine to supplement the
    instruction, but when images and text are present, a reader can more
    readily decide if this is something they would like further
    information about. The ability to add sidebars and pull quotes
    withing the Instructables environment means you can add greater
    detail and concept conveyance too. Hope you take this suggestion in a
    light so as to not look like a link farm for a video channel
    promotion, but to share clever and innovative ideas in another
    format. ☺