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If you want to lighten up your room, simply follow these steps to have a fuss free home decor.

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Step 1: Supplies You'll Need:

• Scissors

• Ink pen

• Scrap of cardboard or thick paper to make stencil

• Jigsaw

• Sharpie Metallic Pen

• Roll of sandpaper

• Mounting tape

Step 2: Making Wooden Cutouts

Using thick cardboard, cut out two scallops. Trace the outline of the smaller scallop onto a piece of 1/8" plywood. With industrial scissors or a jigsaw, cut around the edges. Repeat until you have enough scallops to cover your wall.

Step 3: Stenciling the Wall

Outline the arch of the larger scallop repeatedly on your wall using the metallic pen, connecting the arches on the sides. Create a second row beneath the first, staggering them so they fall between the arches of the previous row. Continue until your wall is covered, then go back and trace the entire form of the smaller scallop within each of the larger scallops.

Step 4: Preperation (SANDING)

Sand the rough edges of the cutouts.

Step 5: Mounting

Place a two-inch strip of mounting tape on the back of each scallop. Line up with the smaller outlines on your wall and attach.

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    1 year ago

    i dont cair about walls what so ever but that picture looked so good i just had to say some thing and now I have


    1 year ago

    That looks beautiful! The wood tiles add some awesome texture to the wall :)