How to Make an Origami Flower ( Flor De Origami) | Origami Kusudama

Introduction: How to Make an Origami Flower ( Flor De Origami) | Origami Kusudama

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How to Make an Origami Flower ( Flor de Origami) | Origami Kusudama

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✈ MATERIALS: Origami Paper 6" x 6" ( x4)


The kusudama is important in origami particularly as a precursor to the modular origami genre. It is often confused with modular origami, but is not such because the units are strung or pasted together, instead of folded together as most modular construction are made.It is, however, still considered origami, although origami purists frown upon using its characteristic technique of threading or gluing the units together, while others recognize that early traditional Japanese origami often used both cutting (see thousand origami cranes or senbazuru) and pasting, and respect kusudama as an ingenious traditional paper folding craft in the origami family.Modern origami masters such as Tomoko Fuse have created new kusudama designs that are entirely assembled without cutting, glue or thread except as a hanger.Source:


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