DIY Hurricane Balls




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This couldn't be simpler! I bought a bunch of 7/16" ball bearings at the hardware store. They were less than 50¢ each! I took some super glue and glued them together, and that is it.

Making them was filmed in real time and took me under 20 seconds.

This super easy project is a blast to use! I dare say you will get a lot of entertainment from playing with these! I know I already have. Give it a shot, you can have a set ready for tonight!



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    1 year ago

    What are you spraying on the superglue?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I super glued 2 marbles together after grinding a small flat on each one, but got a bit nervous after they parted company. I was using the compressor on them to see how fast they'd go, fortunately I had them spinning in a pot lid and the brim saved the day.

    After that incident, which admittedly was my own fault, I decided to solder the ball bearings together. I grind a small flat on each and tin the flats with solder, then squeeze them together while applying heat. So far they've stayed together.

    One can also wrap some thread around the middle and spin them like a top.

    Great fun all the same.