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Recycle, Reuse, Reduce & Re-purpose of materials with my simplified DIY method to grow edibles for the same outcome of the usual Hydroponic growing (Kratky Method)

Recycle, Reuse & Re-purpose of used plastic container/box (aka TaBao Box or Take-away Food Box ) to make it into useful growing material for planting herbs or leafy vegetables (Amaranth; CaiSim; etc).

Reduce material, without the need of LECA balls, hence further simplify the growing system. Besides, cost to purchase & maintenance (washing the LECA balls) is omitted here, hence save water too! With all these savings of resources, costs & trouble, decent crops can still be able to get out of this simple system relatively compare to the usual hydroponic (Kratky Method).

Furthermore, it is highly mobile & versatile, occupying less foot print space enable to place on table top, kitchen, bedroom, behind window sill, balcony or just any little home corner for decoration as well.

Best of all, it is much cleaner & less messy instead of dealing with dirt (which are more pest prone) as planting media.... hence more hygienic as "no more dirt under the finger nails".. lol... It is easy to replicate with common available material (any plastic container).

It is easy to replicate without any need of strong muscles nor highly skill capability. Anyone can do it anytime anywhere so long there is water & light source available (natural or artificial means)!

Be it you have a BIG or small garden, BIG or small green house, simple or complicated irrigation system, or simply just like me has NONE of the mentioned, you can still possibly enjoy greening your home by bringing nature into our living space.

Instead of having more new plastic wares (deliberately getting those new commercial plastic gardening materials), we can do our environment a favor, by try out this simple method to cultivate Recycle, Reuse, Reduce & Re-purpose of waste materials helping our environment in a small BIG way while having fun with this simple gardening method, both indoor and/or outdoor. Can also be an educational way teaching our little ones the right value.

By the way, one should wish to pause the interest/hobby for whatever reason/s (busy schedule, new commitment arises, etc), simply just give it away as a little gift to your love ones, since little care & attention is needed. Yet they will "uniquely" remember your presence because of the idea!

Anyway, don't stress-out, sit back & relax, click on my instructional video below for reference, else just simply enjoy the music, lol.

And if you do like it, check out my other interesting videos too. Remember to give a thumbs up, comment & subscript! By the way, do vote for this project if you think its a worthy project to win in the contest!

Thanks much & Cheers!

DIY Hydroponic Growing Container Box / DIY水耕栽培コンテナボックス / DIY 수경은 컨테이너 박스를 성장

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    Lim SanSverd Industries

    Reply 3 years ago

    It can also be called as Aquarium Filter Wool, which can be purchased on-line or any aquarium shops.