DIY Hydroponic Set Up

Introduction: DIY Hydroponic Set Up

the things you need are.

1. Water Cooler Bottle (although i am using a clear bottle i suggest you spray paint the outside of yours black, because light exposure to roots is bad mmmkay)

2. Aquarium Air Pump (anything that can handle up to 5 gallons is alright)

3. Aquarium Air Pump Tubing (pick a good enough length for your environment)

4. Air Stones (i prefer the 12" air stones but size may not matter too much)

5. Phillip Screw Driver (or anything you can make a pencil thick size hole with)

6. Aerogarden Seed Pods (ebay is your friend.... sometimes)

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Step 1: Remove the Bottle Cap

use a Philip screw driver or anything pencil thick.

and jam two holes on either side of the bottle cap.

the hole just has to be big enough to fit the air tubes.

Step 2: Connect the Air Tubes And...

Lower the air stones into the bottle.

make sure they are positioned to be maximum efficient.

Step 3: Add a Seed Pod

the seed pod should fit snugly into the caps main hole.

Step 4: Plug in the Air Pump

fill up the bottle and plug in your air pump. (for best results please use purified water)

if your seed pods you order come with a plastic clear top you can use that to simulate the seed being under dirt.

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I'm not trying to be obtuse here, but is the water filled to the very top so that it touches the seed pod? And do you need to do anything about evaporation, like add water, and how often?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Yes water is filled to the top so that the seed pod gets about 89 percent saturated. Evaporation is going to depend on the season, location and room conditions. The seed pods are usually about 3 inches give or take a cm. Here in Texas during spring and summer indoors the water can evaporate half an inch to one full inch a week, so i usually can push 2 weeks before i need to add any water. Although this is my experience i do suggest you test it out for yourself get a routine going see what works best for you.