DIY IDC26 Female to DB25 Male Ribbon Cable



Introduction: DIY IDC26 Female to DB25 Male Ribbon Cable

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Ribbon Cables… From time to time you may find your self in need of a
db25 ribbon cable! From digging in the attic to searching online auctions. Finding the exact ribbon cable you need is not as easy as it use to be. ( Fondly remembers local Radio Shacks sigh... )

Today I am going to go over the few simple steps and the items needed to Manufacture your own! What I will be outlining is known as a IDC26 Female ( 26 pin socket style connector ) to a DB25 Male ( 25 pin Pin style connector ).. Let’s get started!!

Here is a list of items you will need to follow along if you don't already have them on hand.

  • 1.27mm Pitch 25 Wire Flat Ribbon Cable “Amazon Link
  • Idc Crimp Tool (optional a vice works to) “Amazon Link

As you can see from the above links; when you only need one cable making your own might leave you a lot of extras! These items tend to sale in batches or long lengths, Not that that is a bad thing :)

Step 1: Grab Your Materials

Begin by laying out your materials; you will want to cut about 12" (304.8mm) of flat ribbon cable from your roll.

Looking at the posted photo you will see each connector also has a cable strain relief lock. This comes in handy and prolongs the life of your cable!

Step 2: IDC 26 Connector

  • Lets begin with the idc26 side of our cable. Grab your connector and spread the top open but not all the way off. This makes alignment a little easier. Now insert the ribbon cable into the connector housing. Pay special attention on the Pin "1" indicator on each! For the ribbon cable pin one is indicated by the red line/wire. On the idc26 connector pin one is indicated my a small embossed triangle. The 25 wire cable will leave one unused pin on the 26 pin connector.
  • Now we can take the two over to the vice to "crimp" this connection and make it permanent. Like wise you can also use the proper Idc crimp tool here.
  • Tighten slowly! Using the vice method you can over tighten and ruin your connector, be mindful ! You will be able to feel and see when the connector has clamped onto your cable. Remove the cable from the vice and inspect your connection...
  • You can see the cable is straight and firmly attached to the idc 26 pin connector. Wrap the tail of the ribbon cable over the top of your new connection and grab the cable strain relief lock and snap it into place. This will go on smoothly with only your thumb pressure. Excellent one end done and one to go!

Step 3: DB25 Connector

  • We will now repeat the last steps for our DB25 connector. Begin by inserting the cable into the connector housing making sure to align pin one with the red line/wire.
  • Head over to the vice and secure the cable by crimping the connector closed. Careful now! The DB25 metal housing is even easier to buckle then the idc26. If you crush the connector snip it off and try again they are not reusable.

  • This end of the cable will receive the same cable strain relief as the other. Roll your cable up and over the top of the connector and snap the cable lock in place.

Congratulations !! You have now made your very own IDC26 Female to DB25 Male Ribbon Cable...

Step 4: Test Fit !

Go ahead and take a moment to enjoy your work... Now on to testing the cable. After all we did have a purpose for making this right? And we want to make sure the cable is routed the correct way as well..

Excellent the G540 will mount facing the outside of the electronics housing and the CNC Controller will mount comfortably inside away from chips and without twisting the cable...

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