Introduction: DIY IMPOSSIBLE PUZZLE (Extremely Easy!!!)

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Here's an extremely simple and easy to make puzzle that will leave you and your friends baffled for a considerable amount of time. It's not literally impossible but is really, really tough. With that being said, let's start making it......


This puzzle is extremely easy to build and requires only 3 materials:-

1. Aluminum wire (or any other tough but moldable wire)

2. Pliers

3. Help of this instructable by Anirudh Ralhan(hee...hee...)

And that's it..... Let's start making it....

Step 2: Part A...

This puzzle consists of 3 parts, all of which are to be made of wire. Let's call these parts A, B and C. To make part A, cut a wire 50 cm. long in length and bend it in the shape as shown in the first image. The dimensions are mentioned along the sides. If you wish to make a smaller puzzle, you can adjust the dimensions proportionally. I suggest you first copy the image onto paper and then bend the wire according to it.

Step 3: Part B...

To make part B, cut the wire into 50 cm again and bend it according to the image given above. Once done, bend the wires to form squares on each sides each with the dimensions of 3 cm × 3 cm just as shown in the pictures above. It will look like a pair of squared headphones ;)

Step 4: Part C...

For Part C, cut 36 cm. of wire and make a square of 3×3 cm. on one side as shown in the pics. Then, pass the wire through the squares of part B and make the other square of part C, therefore, locking Part C with Part B. Dimensions of Part C are specified in the first pic. Seal the wire ends of the squares of Part B and Part C with either Superglue or Hot glue.

Let's call this Contraption of Part B and Part C as the 'PRISON'.

Let's call part A the 'PRISONER'

Step 5: Putting the PRISONER in the PRISON...

Now take the open wire ends of Part A or the PRISONER and put them through the straight wire of Part C of the PRISON such that the PRISONER gets interlocked with the PRISON. Seal the open ends of Part A(PRISONER) with Hot Glue to make sure that the PRISONER doesn't escape the PRISON.

And there it is!!! Your very own impossible wire puzzle. Your goal here is to help the PRISONER escape the PRISON i.e to separate part A(PRISONER) from the contraption formed by Part B and Part C(PRISON).

Step 6: STOP!!!!

For a little bit of challenge, I suggest you stop reading this i'ble and try to solve the puzzle yourself.

If you still can't wait to see the solution, Read on....

Step 7: THE SECRET.....

The secret is finally to be revealed.....

To solve this puzzle, hold the PRISONER(Part A) by the corner with the PRISON hanging down interlocked with it as shown in the pics. Next, Take one of the squares of Part B and pass through it, all the way down, the the internal open rectangle of Part A. Then, take the square of Part C and pass it through the internal open rectangle of part A. Then, pull the square of Part B out of the rectangle of Part A. And voila!!!!!They're separated. If the description or pics don't help, you can always watch the video attached below. Repeat the same process to put the PRISONER back inside the PRISON.

Now that you know the secret, watch your family and friends' reaction at their failed attempts to solve this puzzle. HAVE FUN :) :) :)

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    The "Lovers Puzzle" brings the two ends of the "prisoner" together to make a heart shape rather than a square. Wire coathangers work well, (the thinner ones) and I twist the joints instead of using glue.

    Thanks for reminding me of this!

    Anirudh Ralhan
    Anirudh Ralhan

    Reply 3 years ago

    Glad you liked it :-) A heart instead of a square would definitely look better. Thanks for the info :-)