DIY IR Remote Tester Using TSOP1738




Introduction: DIY IR Remote Tester Using TSOP1738

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Home made remote tester using TSOP1738.

This circuit helps to test the each button of the remote. When you press a button the led in the circuit blinks.

Step 1: Things Required

1. 4.7k Ohm Resistor

2. 10 Ohm Resistor

3. TSOP1738

4. Blue LED

5. PCB Board

6. Wires & Battery

7. Soldering Rod, Soldering Wire & Soldering Paste

8. Hot Glue Gun

9. Remote for Testing

Step 2: Making Video

Watch the making video or continue reading to make you own DIY remote tester

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Step 3: Circuit Diagram & Pin Configuration

Step 4: Circuit Construction

1st Image - Mount the TSOP1738 onto the PCB board

2nd Image - Connect the 4.7k ohm resistor to the TSOP1738 pin 2

3rd Image - Now connect the 10 Ohm Resistor to the TSOP1738 pin 3

4th Image - Connect the led to one end of the 10 Ohm resistor

5th image - Connect the positive to end of the 4.7k Ohm resistor

Now ground the Pin 1 of the TSOP1738 & Negative of the LED

Step 5: Finished Images

Enjoy Making !!!

To watch the testing video CLICK HERE

Testing begins @ 3:41


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8 Discussions

Yes, You can use other color LED. But please try on bread board first and then make on a PCB board.

Great work, but instead of making this circuit, place your remote in front of camera lens and you are done :)

1 reply

Ya i had made a video on that too..You can watch the same in my YouTube channel.

This is a fun project i tried :)

Looks like fun. I just ordered the chips and the pc board. Should be putting one of these together in a couple weeks. Nice simple, useful project for a newbie like me. I've never messed with black pc board stock before. Looks like a good place to start. Thank you.

1 reply

Enjoy Making... If you need any help please a leave comment will be happy to help you :)


2 years ago

Nice, but it's way easier to just view your remote on a phone or tablet screen in camera mode or just on a digital camera's screen. Since their IR blocking filters cannot block ALL of the IR, it shows up as white. Push the button and you'll see it blink on the screen. Of course, you need to aim the IR output at the camera lens. Quick and easy.

1 reply

Your right.. I have done both. I have the other video showing how to test the remote with a camera in my YouTube channel.