DIY Ideas/PVC Project - How to Make Table Fan at Home - Electric, High Speed Easy, Handy & Folding


Introduction: DIY Ideas/PVC Project - How to Make Table Fan at Home - Electric, High Speed Easy, Handy & Folding

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How to make table fan at home - Electric, High Speed Easy, Handy & Folding.

The idea is to design a table fan which can run on most of batteries, can give sufficient air flow and easy to carry, handle and adjustable. There are plenty videos available which shows table lamp using plastic bottle but practically we cannot bring them anywhere and even than that they are not durable, flexible and cannot use them practically.

This DIY table fan can deliver the normal and sufficient air flow on 3.7V, 4v, 6v and on all type 5v adapters, it gives amazing result on 12V 2a - 4.5a adapter & battery. You can use this DIY table fan while working on your computer and even in car as it can work on 5V output.Easy and handy to carry while you travel, can occupy minimum space and can dittach when not needed. You can even increase the height and angle as per your requirement.

Materials Required

>> 8cm of 1 inch PVC - 8 pieces

6cm of 1 inch PVC - 2 pieces

30cm of 1 inch PVC

1 inch PVC Elbow - 5 pieces

1 inch PVC Tee - 3 pieces

1 inch PVC Coupling - 2 pieces

Rubber Washer

6V - 12V DC Motor - High Torque with over 18000 RPM

2 X DC Female Connectors

1 X DC Male Connector

Solar Table Fan Propeller


- Attach the PVC parts as shown in the video, make sure the PVC parts are tight with PVC accessories used.

- Use rubber washer to prevent vibration.

- You may experience motor gets hot while working on 12V power supply in that case you require heat vent to keep your motor cool as shown in video.

- If planning to give constant 12V power supply rather than any other battery sources then buy 12V to 15V DC motor instead of 6V to 12V to get the better result and for long term usability.

- You can skip the DC Motor Connectors part and plug directly to any type of battery.

- If you not find Tire tube then you can use broken kids toys wheel and find the one which is attached with geared rubber grip.

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    3 Discussions

    Yes it is, Sorry for the delayed reply. It's best and useful for outings :)

    Yes it is! Can even work in car & PC. You can even use it in tents while outing. Best part is folding and easy assembly, can work between 3.7V to 12V battery.